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Upgrade your memory to speed up your PC

Each week I have people call me, frustrated by how slow their computers have become. When I visit, I often help them order more memory to combat this. Adding extra memory (or RAM) is usually the most cost effective way of speeding up a computer.

If, for example, your computer came with 2GB of RAM, buying and fitting an extra 2GB would really improve load time and general use. Extra memory is very cheap these days and I usually order from a company called Crucial. They not only make and sell memory themselves, but have a very useful tool to make sure you buy the right sort. Below is a version you can use - just select your machine's make and click 'Go'. If you don't know the make of your PC, just choose 'Other Manufacturer' as Crucial also offers a very reliable scanning tool to help you buy the correct RAM.

Crucial Memory Advisor™ Tool

In 3 easy steps... find the right memory for your system.


Fitting extra RAM is relatively straightforward but does involve opening up your computer and can be quite fiddly. Most of my customers ask me to come back and fit new memory for them to avoid the risk of damage. If you would like me to do this when yours has arrived or simply want to double check with me before ordering, just ask.