Personal Computer Support From Marc Fowler

Data Recovery Services

If your computer no longer turns on, or you have accidentally deleted some important files, don’t panic! Contact me as soon as you know you have a problem – especially important if your problem is deleted files.

With over 15 years of experience, I have plenty of tricks up my sleeve when it comes to recovering lost data and recovering files from broken computers. In some cases I can recover your files quickly, in one short visit to your home or business.

Some data recovery jobs require me to take your computer or storage device away to run special data recovery tools on – some can run for two or three days, while I can often call with good news after only a couple of hours.

If your data loss is beyond what I can work with (for example, a hard disk drive which no longer spins) I can point you in the direction of data recovery specialists. With data recovery engineers and specialist clean rooms and equipment, they are often able to rebuild drives or repair data that would otherwise be lost completely.

One company I may recommend, if I cannot recover your data myself, is Ontrack. I am happy to discuss your issue first though, so do feel free to contact me.