Personal Computer Support From Marc Fowler

How I can help

I’m pleased to be able to offer a large number of services, supporting all kinds of devices.

Due to Covid-19, I am not entering homes or workplaces at present. Instead, I have been solving computer issues in the following ways:

Please see some examples below of ways I can help with the devices you use in your home or business.

Computer Repair

When computers stop working, I can fix them. I can replace faulty parts and solve software issues.

Problem solving

From minor nuisances to business halting failures, I can get your technology working for you again.

Computer tuition

Call me for a one off lesson or a series of sessions to equip you with the computer skills you need.

Tablets & smartphones

I can set up a new phone or tablet for you, or help you get the most out of one you already own.

Virus removal

I can remove stubborn infections and malware, thoroughly clean your computer and ensure it has adequate protection.


New computers, tablets, and phones set up to be secure and easy to use. I can even transfer content from your old device.

Data Recovery

Accidentally deleted files and failing hard drives. I can recover data in most cases.