Personal Computer Support From Marc Fowler


As I’ve mentioned elsewhere, computers aren’t simple things. There is so much to know, and so much to confuse you. I get asked about all sorts of things, from what size hard drive someone should buy with their new computer, to what they should do about those Windows Updates their computers keep badgering them about.

In most cases I’m able to give an answer immediately, and always make a point of explaining my answers in ways that can be easily understood. If I don’t know the answer to a question, I will say so, try and find out, and get back in touch with the person who asked.

Sometimes it’s nice to know there is someone only an email or phone call away who can help you understand something. It’s a service I’m happy to offer – all I ask is that people respect my time off by not ringing me in the evenings or on Sundays. Being self employed, I have yet to work out how to offer 24/7 telephone support!