Personal Computer Support From Marc Fowler

Installing hardware

Quite a few of the calls I get are from people who have bought new bits for their computers but have run into problems when trying to install them, or simply realised they don’t know how to. With a greater understanding of how computers are made and what the different parts do, I’m able to help, either by giving them advice, or more often than not, coming round to install the parts for them.

It can be a bit nerve racking, opening up your own computer and trying to work out where that new part goes. It doesn’t take an expert to know that the inside of a computer is a risky place to be. There are many ways you can damage the existing parts while you’re in there, and any new item you are trying to fit probably cost a fair bit. The last thing you want to do is break it.

I liken it to car maintenance. Although many people still do the basics themselves, how many try replacing their brake disks or fitting a new exhaust pipe? They don’t. They get a mechanic to do it. So why try to be your own computer technician? Of course, like working on a car, you could save money by doing it yourself, but is it really worth it? That’s a personal decision for individual computer users to make, but my advice would be to get someone with more experience to do it – someone who really knows what they’re doing, has done it before, and knows what to do if problems arise.

As well as installing new hardware, I can supply it, and even teach you how to use it if necessary. If you are thinking about getting something for your computer or would like to improve it, have a look at my page about supplying programs and equipment.