Personal Computer Support From Marc Fowler

Securing your computer

One of the biggest problems computer users have to deal with these days is security threats. These come in all shapes and sizes, from ‘big nasty viruses’ that infect your computer and make it unusable, to small tracking cookies placed on your computer to monitor your browsing habits.

Security is a big issue. People lock their houses and cars, and even insure them against theft or malicious damage, but many leave their computers, which can hold extremely valuable information, open to anyone clever and nasty enough to want to do them harm.

The best ways of protecting your computer are by installing security software and generally being careful. Antivirus demos that came with your computer three years ago won’t give you the protection you need. If their subscriptions weren’t renewed (paid for) they won’t have received updates, and so won’t know about new viruses.

You need current versions of antivirus and firewall programs if you want to be properly protected.

The different programs on the market can be confusing, and firewalls especially can be a real nightmare if you don’t install them correctly. Choose wrong options and you could find you can’t access the internet at all!

This is where I come in. Internet security is one of my specialities – a passion if you like. I can assess your computer’s current security status (see Health Checks) and explain clearly to you what it needs and why. If you then want me to, I can supply and install what your computer needs, at competitive prices, and teach you how to use it to keep your computer safer. Some of the programs I can offer you are even free!

I can also give advice on how to use your computer more securely. There are all sorts of tips and tricks I can pass on which will help you avoid future problems.

If you’ve not given your computer’s security much thought, you could probably do with giving me a call. Unlike a magazine or website, I can give informed advice specific to your case.