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Happy customer – moved from ancient laptop to iPad

Recovering files from old laptop to iPadYou may have seen me post this image on Twitter last week. I was given the job of moving someone from their 15 year old laptop (yes, 15!) to their iPad. The iPad needed to be brought up to date, upgrading it to iOS 5 so the customer could use the apps she needed. I did this while recovering years of work from her laptop – an interesting job with no USB ports or even a CD drive! I had to remove the laptop’s hard drive and hook it up to my computer with special cables (as pictured).

Once the iPad was updated and the data recovered, I took everything back to my customer. We set her up with a better way of accessing her emails on the iPad (she’d not been able to access her Hotmail folders before) and also went through several time saving techniques. She can now work completely from her iPad, and even print wirelessly from it.

Here’s what she sent me in an email a few days later – presumably from her iPad!

My thanks to you for your knowledgeable, helpful and, above all, effective service. I am delighted with the results and the opportunities that I am now able to make use of. Your achievements have been noted in most of my recent emails to friends. With best wishes, and my thanks again.

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