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Feedback after improving a computer

I’ve just had the following feedback from a couple in Martlesham after improving their Windows XP desktop last week:

“Thank you very very much for coming to sort out our computer. It was very good of you to come at such short notice and also do such an excellent job. It really is working extremely well. Everything is so quick. The email comes on instantly. Everything has been very good. We are very very very pleased and certainly it will last us a little while longer. We’re absolutely thrilled to bits; you turn it on and everything is just there. It has made a lot of difference to us. Thank you very much indeed.”


ByMarc Fowler

Still providing computer support around Woodbridge every weekday

My full time job is fixing computers and helping people use them. Each weekday is spent visiting personal computer users and small businesses east of Ipswich in Suffolk. I have been doing this for over six years and have now helped over a thousand people in the Woodbridge area with their computers and other technologies.

I created this blog with the intention of adding regular updates to give examples of the work I do, and offer useful advice to Suffolk computer users. The only trouble is, I’m always too busy to post anything! As most of my days are spent out and about problem solving, or repairing machines at my office in Pettistree, any spare time is usually spent trying to catch up on all the admin that comes from running my own business!

So, I’m sorry you don’t see as many posts here as I’d intended. Do rest assured, however, that I am very much still in action, and am ready and able to help you with your computing needs as and when they arise. Although my diary gets fully booked most weeks, I pride myself on being very responsive to those in need and am always happy to take on new customers.

ByMarc Fowler

Feedback from a holiday let in Waldringfield

After installing a secure wireless broadband connection for holidaymakers at two properties in Waldringfield:

Hi Marc,

Everything is running perfect, thank you. Guests last week commented on how good it was.
I wish we had found you earlier, but better late than never.
Thanks again.

ByMarc Fowler

Another busy day

Today has been a fairly typical day for me. I’ve been to five different homes east of Ipswich to help with the owners’ computers.

I started the day with two new customers in Woodbridge – a long retired couple who wanted advice about getting online for the first time. They’ve owned an old Windows ME desktop computer for many years. While it still works fine as a word processor, we all agreed they really needed a new machine for their new online life. We discussed options and by the time I left, they knew exactly what they needed to buy and what broadband to order. I shall be returning soon to set up the new laptop and broadband when ready, teaching them how to use it all as well.

After catching up on missed calls, I drove to my next customer, in Ufford – another new one from a personal recommendation. This was quite a rushed visit as I had to be in Rushmere St Andrew by 11.30, but within thirty five minutes her antivirus and email problems were solved.

On to my next customer, I listened to missed calls but had no time to respond. An hour later I was back in my car, having secured a wireless router and sorted out a few software issues on two PCs.

I just had enough time to grab some lunch at home in Kesgrave before dashing off to Bromeswell for a teaching session. I had been to see this customer ten days ago after a friend of hers suggested she give me a call. She has owned a computer for a year but never really become comfortable with it and felt she needed someone to help her understand it better. In our first session we covered email and printing. I also fixed her sound problem and helped order new printer ink cartridges online. Today I installed one of the cartridges for her, explaining as I went. We did some ‘advanced’ printing and I taught her a few tricks for browsing websites more effectively. I left after finishing with a brief explanation of Twitter and Facebook.

My last customer of the day was in Great Bealings. Again, someone I had been to before, this was a follow up visit. I’d been called out originally because the laptop she runs her business on was getting very slow. Immediately on that first visit, I set up a reliable backup system, just in case the hard drive was giving up the ghost. I pointed out that a lack of RAM was the more likely cause and ordered a suitable upgrade. My return today saw me fit the additional RAM, which really did improve the performance. It was also a good opportunity to test the backup system, which I’m pleased to say was working flawlessly. Before leaving, I also installed Internet Explorer 8 and updates to Java and Adobe programs.

Arriving home at 5:25 (half an hour earlier than usual) I was able to catch up on the day’s missed calls. Looking back on the day, I’ve realised every customer I’ve dealt with has come to me via word of mouth, which is very satisfying.

Next week is going to be even more tightly packed. Already most of it is booked up, so I’m going to have to get through jobs very quickly in order to squeeze in the urgent requests for help that will inevitably come in the next few days. I’ve not had time to get to my office once this week, and only look likely to on Thursday next week, as I’ve booked a PC repair in then.

There’s one thing to say about being a computer expert; you’ll never run out of work!

ByMarc Fowler

Today, I have been mostly…

There is so much variety in what I do for a living. Every weekday sees me working on all sorts of different things with personal computers, Macs, smartphones and other devices. Sometimes though, I have a day which seems to run on a theme.

I started today with an emergency callout to Hemley, where I quickly restored an existing customer’s wireless broadband connection, renewed their expired Kaspersky Internet Security on three PCs and re-established access to their main Hotmail account both from the computers and BlackBerry.

By 10:25 I was with my next customer, in Hasketon. Read More