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ByMarc Fowler

Updating a BlackBerry® Bold™ – not so easy!

As I write, I’m half way through a ‘simple job’ – updating the software on a BlackBerry® Bold™ 9000. It’s taken me three hours to get this far!

My customer called last night to say he’d lost all sorts of features on his BlackBerry®. Emails and text messages had disappeared, the camera and sound profiles were not available and other things were missing. Assessing it this morning, I decided the best solution was to ‘simply’ upgrade the software to the latest version. He already had the BlackBerry® Desktop Manager on his computer so we started by making a backup of all his files and settings. All fine so far.

Next step: go to the correct website and download the latest BlackBerry® device software. Again, simple, right? Well, it would be if the site’s update feature didn’t lead you to an incorrect address, resulting in a ‘Page Cannot Be Found’ message. Read More